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01. Lil' Cheney
02. Vile Strobo
03. Burgers and Bomb
04. King Of Fighters Bull Edition
05. Priest N Devils
06. Stickicide 2
07. Dream Day Wedding
08. Christmas Funny Celebration
09. Double Wires
10. Shopping For New Year 2009
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Friv 3 Robots Games

Space Station Jason
Sponge Bob Squarepants Anchovy Assault
Bionicles: Pohatu Nuva
Cyber Swat
Kingdom of Machines
Bot Wars
Recipe For Disaster
Mad Mech
Pico Blast - Trouble in the Train-Yard
Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot
Droid Crisis
Speed X
Alloy Arena
Bomb Dodger
The Lost Vikings
Wall-E Pinball
Robot Ball
Operation Flashpoint
Cricket in the Computer World
Maple Story Papulatus
Tobby Yuki
Hoverbot Arena
Zero Hunt
Space Wars
Robots Attack
Color Archers
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Anti Christ Robot
3000 AD
Static Shock
Doctor Compactor
Battle Bugs
Office Rush
Bug Robo Killer
Robo Slug 2
Heli Combat
Robokill Trainer
Robot Jim
War of the Worlds
Crazy Flasher 2
Robot War
Blitz Bots
Megaman X Virus Mission
Alias 3

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